Once you step through our doors, your experience will begin with a smile, and a friendly face.  When you leave, you will leave with the satisfaction of knowing your pet was in loving and caring hands.

Drop Off/Pick Up Hours

Mon-Fri: 8-10 am  or  4-6 pm

Sat: 8-10 am  only

Sun: 5-6 pm  only

NO drop off or pick up on Major Holidays:

New Year's Day


Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Call for Christmas Eve/New Year's Eve hours.

A $45 fee will be charged for any pet picked up or dropped off at any time other than our regular business hours. 

Check Out Time is 10 am.  If you check out by 10 am Monday-Sat, 

you will not be charged for that day.  

Please drop off or pick up your pet at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.

Boarding charges are calculated similar to human hotels: you are charged for a full day when your pet checks in.  Our check out time is 10 am.  You will be charged for a full day of board if you pick up later than 10 am.  

Sundays: For your convenience, we are open 5-6 pm, but you always pay for the full day on Sunday boarding.

Cancellations:  Although we do not adhere to a strict cancellation policy, we kindly ask that you call and let us know if your plans change. 

One dog: $19/day

One dog w/playtime: $21/day

Two dogs together: $32/day

Two dogs together w/playtime: $36/day

Three dogs together: $45/day

Three dogs together w/playtime: $51/day

Four dogs together: $58/day

 no charge for playtime

Cats: $10/day

Birds: $10/day

Rabbits: $10/day

Ferrets: $10/day

We accept CASH or CHECK only.

  NO credit/debit cards


Canine Accommodations

The boarding accommodations offered at Classic Kennels are impeccably clean. Every room is hand scrubbed and sanitized prior to your pet checking in for their stay with us.  Our professionally designed facility offers spacious indoor/outdoor quarters. The indoor quarters are climate controlled year round.

Dogs lodging at Classic Kennels enjoy private indoor & outdoor spaces complete with soft bedding, nutritious meals, fresh water, daily housekeeping and sanitation services. Ample space gives even the most energetic canine plenty of room to stretch their legs. 

Canine Rooms

Our standard canine rooms are 4'x5' in the sleeping area with an adjacent exercise area that is 5'x16'. The sleeping quarters all offer heat and air-conditioning, depending on the weather.  Several average-sized dogs will fit comfortably in this size room.

 We clean and disinfect rooms daily, and after each pet goes home.  Each night pets are securely tucked in for the evening indoors in their individual enclosures. 

What is Provided

We provide food, bowls, and basic necessities. We feed a premium kibble, or you are welcome to bring your pet's usual diet which is highly recommended. Our feeding schedule is twice daily, however we can accommodate feeding more often if requested.  Safe toys, treats and chew bones are fine, but please no glass or ceramic bowls, dishes or containers.  All items brought from home must be labeled with the pet's name and your last name. Classic Kennels is not responsible for any lost or destroyed items, so please bring only items that your pet will not miss.

You are more than welcome to bring your pet's favorite washable bedding from home. Some pets like having their crate with them, so feel free to bring it along. It must be a size small enough to have a carry handle on top. We will do our best to accommodate it. 

A la Carte Options